With roots wrapped in the rhythms of calypso and steel pan Michele’s musical ideology germinated upon the lands of her adolescent families journey to the isle of Barbuda. Developing on the sands of an island coursing with African influence and Caribbean flavor, Michele came to know many island locals and flourished next to those who taught her the art of steel pan drumming. Privy to the drum-laden island rhythms, she was metamorphosed by the music. Yet back home in The States her early influences came by way of radio hip-hop and rock n’ roll. She then picked up a guitar at the precocious age of eight and shortly after began certified instruction under Ken Volpe. He offered her the opportunity to aid him in constructing a drum room in his studio basement. From the experience the topography of music once again morphed around her. She now nurtured an intense interest in soundproofing and recording and in the studio atmosphere as an environment.

Later, stirred by house, breakbeats and jungle upon the inception of rave and club culture, rhythm and tempo again made upheaval upon Michele musical life. Hypnotized by the repetitive essence of breakbeat dancehall mixes and the evolving world of dance surrounding them, Michele began DJing sets during a time when under-agers sprung up in the cracks of the scene at outlaws and no-age venues without recourse. Further fed by the hip-hop which thrived on mainstream airwaves at this time, Michele became deeply intrigued by a foundational question of the music she both spun and was surrounded by in hip-hop culture: but how do the sounds get on the records? It was this very question that beat down the path she still walks, the path of producer.

Today Michele finds sustenance in all kinds of collaborations, homegrown in her studio and cultivated on the streets. Her insatiable appetite for sound has allowed her to explore and record further varietals of music including hip hop, scream bands, rock, pop, reggae-ton, dub-step, acoustic and straight-up experimental. Dabbling in film, she was hired on to score the entire indie film trailer ‘Sugar Kane’ in 2009. She has worked in many recording studios since the early 2000′s, gaining her engineering start with artists like Juel Santana, Sizzla, Papoose, Immortal Technique & Empress Isis. Before moving out of New York she became Head Session Engineer/Production Supervisor at the NatCave Studios, Brooklyn, NY until 2008 after freelancing in studios all over the 5 boroughs. She has had the opportunity to work with many underground and mainstream artists of all genres over the years, performing as a DJ and backup vocalist as well as in live production sets with other instrumentalists. She has lived in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles and collaborates with artists from around the world.